About Tina Samuels, C.A.


I am an insured NAHA Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist offering services to  individuals, couples, and families. I have dedicated my career to helping people learn about non-pharma ways to improve their mind, body and spirits and to do it safely. It’s a journey of discovery that I enjoy with every single client, and I feel grateful every day that this is my job.


I also lead a guided aromatherapy meditation group as well as offer one-on-one reflexology sessions.


Our sessions together will be a safe space to get the wellness support you need. I work hard to ensure that you leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, and less stressed than when you walked into our studio.


If you would like to hear more about my approach, have questions, or want to book an appointment you can text me at 706-936-8792 or go to www.massagebook.com/biz/TinaSamuels






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